Discografia DeaЯ

La discografia di DeaЯ è costituita da 2 album, e un lavoro audio/video, pubblicati tra il 2021 e il 2022

Out of Africa

Cd, 2021, Music Force
1) Halfaway to you 2) Go back and get it (Sankofa) 3) Out of Africa 4) Highlife 5) I am from Babylon 6) Sayings 7) Far are the shades of Arabia 8) Tigritude 9) Abra zebra cadabra 10) What's done is done 11) Mozambique 12) Bring about a change 13) Heathen and hell (The preacher) 14) Habanera 15) The half lost 16) Love of the solitude 17) Song of a man who has come through 18) No words again 19) In the beginning (A pigmy prayer)

Mon Turin

Cd, 2022, Music Force