Ordo equitum solis - Hecate

Texto de la canción "The secret hope of F. Songs of the man"

Cd , 1995 , Musica Maxima Magnetica
Duración total: 12:01
Código: eee 32
Género: Gotico
I want to know the Secret of the Cycle of Life I want to know the Secret of Putrefaction How to catch Sunshine and Moonbeams with my hands How to live in Harmony with Nature and myself To take the most of Destiny to free my soul I hope... I want to see the depth of Oceans And the Fire of Wild Vulcanos And the Spirit of the Earth And Sky's infinite Beauty I believe in... In the Springs of Water In Vulcano's Fire In Soil and in Stones In Air and in Stars Would you take me behind the Sun Would you show me the Hidden Sun Too many hopes for a single Life Too many wishes for a beeing...