Discography Story of Jade

La discografia di Story of Jade รจ costituita da 2 album, un singoloe un lavoro audio/video, pubblicati tra il 2004 e il 2011

Live on Guilt Bootleg

Cds, 2004, Autoproduzione
1) Devil Divine 2) Dinner at the Burnt Inn 3) S.O.S. (Sons of Satan)

The Factory of Apocalypse

Cd, 2006, Autoproduzione
1) Intro (Inside the factory) 2) Factory of Apocalypse 3) S.O.S. (Sons of Satan) 4) My Vein 5) Devil Divine

The Damned Next Door (Know your Neighbors!)

Cd, 2011
1) Self-Inflicted Masterpiece 2) Afterlife Confusion 3) Enemy In Me 4) H.M.K.M. 5) C.F. Virus S01 (Feat. Flegias) 6) Confessions Of A Headless Man 7) Bloodsuckers 8) J.A.D.E. 9) Lulladie 10) New World Inquisition (When You Hear The Sirens)