Discografía 2Hurt

La discografia di 2Hurt è costituita da 6 album, e un lavoro audio/video, pubblicati tra il 2009 e il 2015

Words in freedom

Cd, 2009, Helikonia factory
1) Sunset swing 2) Like another dope 3) 2000 miles from home 4) Walking through the fields 5) Jack the knife 6) Every day it's gonna rain 7) Desert line 8) Lost 9) Buskers waltz 10) Devil serenade 11) Hurt 12) Cigarette burns my fingers

A Better Day

Cd, 2010, Helikonia factory

Heaven Isn't Gold

Cd, 2012, Helikonia factory

Mexico City Blues

Cd, 2013, Lostunes Records

On Bended Knee

Cd, 2014, Lostunes Records

Live Another Dope

Cd, 2015, Lostunes Records